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Hydraulics and Pneumatics

Our Rugby branch has over 30 years of experience in the hydraulic and pneumatic industry. 

We tailor each order to your specific needs, whether this is a generic hose with/without fittings or something more complex. 

We have an extensive range of stock, but if we don't have the part you are looking for, we can source this.

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Quick Connect Hydraulic

& Fluid Couplings

Hydraulic Hose, 

Fittings & Assemblies

E.M.C Pneumatic


Tubing, Hose

& Ducting

CDC Plastic

Push-in Fittings

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Hyd 7.jpg
Hyd 8.jpg
Hyd 9.jpg
Hyd 10.jpg

Ball, Gate, Check &

Solenoid Valves

Clips & Clamps


Hosetails, Adaptors &

Compression Fittings

Camozzi Pneumatic


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